• This I Believe

    <>I believe there is room enough at the table for everyone to be heard.
    I believe that there ARE enough hands to help, hearts to reach out and minds that are open.
    I believe that despair is paralyzing... more

  • Being 58

    <>I fly through the air with the greatest of ease, The woman way up on the flying trapeze.  The body is older and wider than some, But healthy and vibrant up under the sun.  The mind is more thought... more

  • Women My Age
    Diane Hosey

    Women my age wake at three am

    Excited, fearful, wondering

    We hear our names called out

    A child who needs us is crying

    Until we remember

    <>our children left home or never came home or were... more

  • What is Love?
    Austin Dearing

    <>Love is an action conceived as a feeling of the mind.
    It is all inclusive, excluding discrimination and hatred.
    To love is not just a feeling, it is a choice.

    Love is patient
    ... more