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BACKGROUND (see "About" Page on this website)

      29 Pieces (f/k/a Today Marks the Beginning), created in 2005, is a non-profit organization full of creative individuals who use art to bring public awareness of important social issues through a diverse range of projects. The organization strongly believes that art is a powerful vehicle for promoting issues of peace and social justice.  Their work is guided by artistic expression, open dialogue, and creative solutions tied to a social purpose. 

      While TMtB maintains a global perspective about current social issues, their program response begins with local strategies to impact critical issues in the DFW community.  This includes partnering with foundations, schools, and other organizations to promote community interaction and to help make a positive difference in the lives of all people though creative expression.  TMtB has identified three priority global concerns and translated them into local programs which include:

1. The Prevalent Use of Violence to Solve Problems 

2.  Educational Inequity 

3. Human Rights, Social Justice and the Empowerment of the Individual

     The organization’s web site includes compelling global and local stories focused on numerous social issues expressed through art form.  Future plans for TMtB include developing more projects and events to bring awareness of social issues, moving into an office space and continued partnerships with organizations, schools and foundations.


“INFLUENCE” Lesson  Fact Sheet

 What is “INFLUENCE” lesson?

“INFLUENCE” lesson is a project and one of the 14 lessons derived from the MasterPEACE program, a program created by Today Marks the Beginning.  The lesson is taught in four parts which include:

 IDENTIFYING INFLUENTIALS IN OUR LIVES –Identify all the graphic images that influence what we buy, what we eat, the movies we go to, what we believe, and how we feel.

CREATING AN INFLUENCE POSTER USING OBJECTIVES – Create a painting/poster which includes a different kind of “INFLUENCE” - one that would influence the viewer to have an awareness of the possibility of kinder, more peaceful actions and choices.

TAKING POSTERS TO THE STREETS –Take the art paintings/posters to the streets of Dallas in order to be displayed in local businesses, libraries, churches, shops, etc.   MasterPEACE will furnish a script – and a script if the proprietor says no.

POSTING PICTURES TO THE MasterPEACE INFLUENCE BLOG – Once paintings/posters are displayed, the pictures are sent to TMtB.  The pictures are then posted on the MasterPEACE INFLUENCE interactive blog which includes photos of the art, a map that shows the location of all of the art displayed throughout Dallas, and areas for comments. 

Who created it and why?

Karen Blessen, co-founder of Today Marks the Beginning (TMtB), created “INFLUENCE” lesson in response to all of the violent influences and images people constantly see in the media and in everyday life.  In order to counteract this trend of violence, “INFLUENCE” lesson encourages peaceful decisions, actions and choices that will benefit all of society.

What is the mission of “INFLUENCE” lesson?

The mission of “INFLUENCE” lesson is to influence others to make peaceful actions and choices opposed to violent actions and choices through compelling art work representing conflict resolution and peace.

 Where is “INFLUENCE” lesson being taught?

It is currently being taught at the Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School in Dallas, TX.  Based on the impact of the curriculum, TMtB will expand the lesson to other schools within the Dallas Independent School District.