TMtB, Big Thought & Art for Darfur


Dallas Artist, Karen Blessen, Pulitzer Prize Winner and co-founder of Today Marks the Beginning to do Artist’s Residency 

Hotchkiss Elementary and for one class at Charles Rice Learning Center. WHAT: The intent of the project is to teach children how one person can make a difference, the focus being on the situation in Darfur, in the Sudan.  WHY:  The children will do our Great Peacemakers Like You and Me lesson, followed by a presentation by the Art for Darfur folks - to give the kids an understanding of the situation in Darfur, then four days for the children to do a project titled "If I were a Great Peacemaker."   HOW:  artist Karen Blessen, "You've learned about how Great Peacemakers have made a difference. They were one person, and they helped many people. If you were a great peacemaker, what would you do to help the people of Darfur?" The art project itself will be a 16 in. x 20 shadow box - with 3 dimensional elements combined with writing. WHEN: Now through January 22.   WHERE:  The residency will culminate with a show of the kids’ art at the Doolin Gallery at SMU, and a field trip for all 50+ kids to SMU. Then their art will move to a gallery at Charles Rice Learning Center, and then to the South Dallas Cultural Center. Finally to the big event at SMU for Art for Darfur, in April! Contact:  Lou Michaels   loumichaels1@gmail.comToday Marks the Beginning 469-438-6640



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