Curriculum on Non-Violence and Human Rights in Dallas Area Schools/ Press Release


Dallas, TX -   “The Non-Violence and Human Rights Curriculum” developed by the non-profit arts organization, TODAY MARKS THE BEGINNING begins its pilot program in seven Dallas area schools in April 2008.  The curriculum addresses students’ struggles with bullying and intimidation in schools and violence outside the school.

Currently used successfully in the United Kingdom, TMtB’s adapted curriculum, addresses these problems with specific strategies that help students “increase the peace.”  By practicing creative solutions to conflict using visual and performing arts, the curriculum identifies specific actions children can use to take the lessons of the curriculum beyond the classroom.   Lessons include: Great Peacemakers, Conflict Resolution, Bullying, and Creating a Personal Vision of Peace.   It does this by:
•    teaching children specific strategies and techniques for practicing conflict resolution, addressing bullying, and using nonviolence;

•    using art as a vehicle for specific action to advance peace during and after the course;
•    establishing “world peace” as subject of academic study and a necessary skill to learn alongside reading, history, and mathematics.

 Participating schools are:   Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School,  J.W. Ray Learning Center, Maple Lawn Elementary, Parish Episcopal, Rice Elementary, S.S. Conner Elementary, William Brown Miller Elementary, and Hotchkiss Elementary. 

The collected works of all student participants will be exhibited at the International Day of Peace celebration in the Bishop Arts District September, 2008.   “We can't protect our children from harm, but through art and peace making, we can give them some tools to protect themselves.”  Karen Blessen, TODAY MARKS THE BEGINNING, co-founder.
Mission:  Today Marks the Beginning uses art to impact public awareness of social issues. Innovative projects join with creative talents to help bring about unifying and compassionate solutions.
Contact:  Lou Michaels, 469-438-6640,

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