The LOVE Lesson Exhibit

2011-04-01 -2011-08-31


Through August 31, 2011, artwork by students from the MasterPEACE program was on exhibit at the Dallas Public Library at 1515 Young Street, Dallas TX

What is the LOVE Lesson?

MasterPEACE: Young Artists Making a Kinder World, is the core program of Today Marks the Beginning, a Dallas non-profit organization that uses art to impact public awareness of social issues.

Our method is to use art to inform students about peace. We have a word or theme of the day for each lesson. This lesson: LOVE, is one in a series of 14 lessons that build in effectiveness sequentially. MasterPEACE uses project-based learning lessons that encourage hands on processes.

The core message of this lesson is: the broader meaning of ‘love’ and how love is the source or foundation of the emotions we associate with peace.

This lesson introduces students to illuminated manuscripts (the first books that combined art and letters). It teaches students about: the origin of St. Valentine’s Day, the tradition of giving Valentines, and what a Great Peacemaker means when talking about ‘Love.’


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